Cruel Ones (UN-PE-0001)
While each singular event may seem insignificant in isolation, seen as a whole, there is a clear path of cause and effect between every occurrence. This subtle and insidious approach we have discovered is characteristic of these prospective demi-gods.

To help demonstrate this I have chosen a short period of modern history of which most will be familiar. I have summarised the involvement of the Cruel Ones for reasons of conciseness.

In 1914 a Bosnian student Galrilo Princip, stirred into action by the hollow promises and direction of the Cruel Ones, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Coming shortly after the second Balkan war, this single act was largely regarded as the catalyst for the First World War.

Less than six weeks later the entire continent would be dragged into the first modern war. A war that would have repercussions that far outlasted the 4 years of conflict.