Cruel Ones (UN-PE-0001)
You might ask if they are as powerful as described in these reports - why they do not use their undoubted supremacy to simply wipe us out?

It is the Guild's belief that doing so would bring about unwanted attention from their peers and not least from humanity's 'Creator'.

It is also believed that to turn the will of man requires much effort; to turn the will of millions may be a task too far. By selecting vital key figures throughout history they have limited their exposure and have achieved much the same results.

And perhaps most tellingly it's because they simply have no need to. 40,000 years to powers of this magnitude is as a blink of the eye to a human. They are widely thought to be eternal and we believe their retaliation against the 'Creator' will be much more complete - if humanity's ruin can be brought about by our own hand.