Cruel Ones (UN-PE-0001)
The 'Rulers of Darkness' were not yet done with humanity. Fascinated by the potential of mankind's destructive capabilities and the opportunity to foil the grand plans of the 'Creator' - their foremost adversary - they stayed close to Earth to ensure that humanity would never reach their potential in the universe.

To do that they would simply need to ensure that there was never peace or cooperation among the divided nations, to encourage distrust and to divert any technological advancement that may take humans to the stars, towards the destruction of their fellow man instead.

It may sound a little too far fetched, a little too sci-fi to be believe and I don't blame you if you prefer the Sunday school version of our origin.

But swap Eves temptation of the apple - for mankind's failure to overcome the darker side of their character and it is more or less the same story.