Cruel Ones (UN-PE-0001)
But there were malevolent beings present at the beginnings of human life.

Enemies of the 'Creator' - These 'Rulers of Darkness' touched the soul of man at its earliest stages of design, adding an essence of their own black spirit to the otherwise flawless human form.

Humanity had been tainted, the ability to think and perform evil was now a possibility - but the darkness was contained to a small corner of the human soul, and it was anticipated by the 'Creator' that his children who after all, were instilled with the very best parts of himself, would be strong enough to overcome the dark temptation and in time learn to control this sinister part of their nature.

With this hope the 'Creator' left his fledgling mortals to find their own path in the universe, optimistic that mankind would still fulfil its destiny.

But the dark beings did not do likewise.