Cruel Ones (UN-PE-0001)
"God" created man in his own image to live in the paradise garden of Eden, or so most western religions understand it to be so.

It's not my place to contradict beliefs that have sustained man for centuries. The following entry is not meant to cause offence or belittle those beliefs, but rather to serve as an alternative view on the story of our beginnings.

And as you will see, this account has much in common with many of the traditional beliefs. Even so I'll skip over any of the more contentious details in an effort to focus on the subject of this entry and avoid any unnecessary controversy.

In the beginning, there was the 'Creator', who fashioned 'mankind' in his own image. Designed to be wholly worthy beings, humans were to inhabit a paradise world of land, sky and sea, where it was hoped they would develop and bring peace and imagination to an otherwise largely warlike and uninspired universe.