Cruel Ones (UN-PE-0001)
But it was not just mystics and Cruel Ones minions who have witnessed these beings. In older times there were many reports of the presence of the Cruel Ones at major battles and revolutions and significant events such the Great Fire of London and Pompeii.

Their attendance as also been reported at many natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and famines. In short, they have been present at every major event in human history.

Though we have no reason to suggest they are the cause behind the natural disasters, the pleasure they seem to take from any human suffering is apparent. And it is from historical dramas such as these that we have acquired a rich history of reports and imagery - including cave paintings, tapestries, illustrations and even ballads.

In more recent years, as humanity's spiritual sense has lessened, the Cruel Ones have opted to communicate more often in human form.