Cruel Ones (UN-PE-0001)
For example when Chief Running Horse wrote to the British Government in April 1940 to warn the country of impending danger from the air, he saw in his vivid visions the 'Cruel Ones' gliding above a scorched Britain reeling from invading German aircraft. Three clear months before the Battle of Britain, the event in which he had foreseen took place.

Though woefully outnumbered in the event, it is not commonly known that were it not for the Chief's warning, even fewer pilots would have been able to answer the call to defend the skies of Britain. As the wartime leaders were planning to commit the whole of the Royal Air Force to attacking strikes that would have left Britain undefended at the time of the German attack.

The Chief's earnest warnings prompted a study of the dangers of leaving the country virtually undefended even for a short time. When it revealed Britain's' vulnerability to an air attack the wartime commanders strategy was quickly shelved.