The Crooked Man (UN-C-1732)
The fifth and best documented report was of a man by the name of Burlington Tempest, A Victorian gentleman of modest means, for whom success came literally overnight.

Keeper Evans had been intrigued with past reports of the "crooked man" phenomena, and had kept a vigilant eye on any 'success stories' emanating from the locale of Farmer Boldwood 's property. On reading a story in the business section of The Times about Tempest, Keeper Evans requested an interview, and was not suprised to find that the Tempest attributed hs success to his 'good luck' coin.

Tempest retold how he had found a sixpence by the stile of a fence that bordered Boldwood's property, whilst there seeking employment. On hearing the news that the Farmer had been found dead, he resolved to return to his parent's home in London by the evening train that night.