The Crooked Man (UN-C-1732)
In just over 2 months Patrick Weiler's small Hamburg based brewery had tripled in size, employing over 200 people. But his ruthless obsession with the accumulation of wealth, soon lost him first his family, (due to his lack of generosity of his Father's estate), then later his wife.

Days later, on the eve of his 28th birthday, Patrick Weiler was found hanged. A verdict of suicide was recorded.

The coin was never recovered from the body of Patrick Weiler. It is possible that an opportunist thief may have come across the body before the police.

The next owner of the coin, we are aware of, was a jeweller by the name of Joseph Malley. He like those before him, accumulated a great deal of wealth in a short time. But had a lucky escape when he lost the coin in a drunken wager over the outcome of a dogfight.