The Crooked Man (UN-C-1732)
Unnatural Abilties: None, The Crooked Man - or the victim being held in possession, has no special abilities. Everyone who carried the coin viewed it as "lucky", as the acquiring of the coin would mark the upturn in their good fortune, but while the coin somehow may have highlighted opportunities in the possessed mind, there was little good fortune to be found. And it was only obsession that acquired them wealth.

Notes: The type of curse cast by the Daemon is now known as "Dancing with the Devil". Unlike a full possession, these victims retain their own memories, character and usual thought processes. This type of possession has been described as an "influencing voice" spoken in the mind of the victim. Any soul, whose own morality diametrically opposed the view of the influence, could with effort ignore the suggestions. Though history suggests that this was rarely the case.