The Crooked Man (UN-C-1732)
Name: Crooked Man
Born: N/A
Geographical Unnatural Location: As the method of transference favoured was a sixpence, dated 1593, we can presume that the initial entry point of this coin was Britain or at least one of its dependencies. Though from our tracing of events relating to this coin suggest it has travelled to both Ireland and Germany, before returning to Great Britain.
Unnatural Appearance: It has been reported by many family members, that on occasion they have seen the true 'face' of the creature that had possessed their loved ones. Reports of seeing a "grotesque disfigured man" or a "crooked man", dressed in black, standing next to the victim.

The Occorn Daemon, popularly cited as responsible for the curse, blamed bears no similarity to this form, and it has been suggested that the "crooked man" apparition, is an outward reflection of the evil and greed that had consumed the man within.