The Crooked Man (UN-C-1732)
This report is a good example of just how closely the Daemon dimensions and our own exist, and how simple it was for one unremarkable Daemon, to exercise his destructive influence upon the lives of man.

A cautionary tale that serves to remind us that the threat to humanity comes not only from physical attacks but also by mental assaults. Not only from creatures on Earth, but from those in other dimensions. And that we sometimes suffer, not due to the Daemon's strength, but because of our own weaknesses.

The true origins of the creature responsible for the "Crooked Man" possession is a little unclear, but three excellent and usually reliable sources - 'The Not'sh Ram', the 'Diar Volumes' and the 'Sacred Krune' cite the Daemon likely responsible, as a particularly mischievous Occorn Daemon that went by the name of Ragladesh.